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Feb 5, 2013 3:35am EST
with pbs, that is really what you have with this station. it is a relationship. and when you turn to public television, you expect quality, variety integrity, and you trust us to be unbiased and truthful. in fact, year after year, the roper public opinion poll has shown that americans consider pbs to be their most trusted source for news and public affairs information. and parents trust us to provide their children with a safe haven where they can learn and be respected for being just the way they are. we take our role in this relationship very seriously. we work to bring you programs that value your time and respect you as an intelligent person. when you turn on this station, we hope you are inspired surprised, moved to tears or moved to take action, and ultimately we hope you feel the time you spent here was time well spent. you look to us to add richness and meaningful experiences to your life, and we look to you to make this all possible, because we rely on your financial support-- that's the truth! please call the number on your screen and supp
Feb 1, 2013 3:35am EST
and film club. this program is available on dvd. to order, visit, or call us at 1-800-play-pbs. captioned by media access group at wgbh masterpiece is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from: host: coming up on chesapeake collectibles ... guest: he had quite a history. he was with mcclellan when they crossed into virginia, and was wounded at chancellorsville. i still have the bullets out of his leg. appraiser: most significant libraries would want a copy of almost any book. in fact, even the library of congress apparently doesn't have this. appraiser: what's like the most you paid for some of these pieces? guest: you know, anywhere from $1 to $20, but the average piece is maybe $3 to $5. [ trolley bell rings ] [ horse hooves clopping ] [ train whistle blows ] [ steam rises ] announcer: chesapeake collectibles is made possible in part by the mpt new initiatives fund founded by irene & edward h. kaplan. major funding is also provided by aarp. jeff gordon: for some this line is a convenience. but for oth
Feb 7, 2013 3:35am EST
pbs station from viewers like you. attenborough: for me, as for countless others, the natural world is the greatest of all treasures, and yet in my lifetime we have damaged it more severely than in the whole of the rest of human history. indeed, significant parts of it now are in danger of total destruction. when i first came to borneo in 1956, the rainforest stretched unbroken on either side of the river for hundreds of miles. today, it's very different. just beyond the trees lining the river bank, there is nothing but oil palm plantations, and the forest and all the rich variety of animals and plants that it had once contained, has been destroyed. and yet, as we have transformed the natural world, so our attitudes towards it have changed fundamentally. again and again, i have seen the impoverishment and desolation caused by the way we have ruthlessly taken what we want from the land, no matter what the cost. but i have also seen how the natural world, given just the slightest chance, can manage to survive. and i have met the far-sighted and dedicated conservationists who've labore
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3